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Vector and Raster: What’s the difference?

Vector and raster (bitmap) are the two types of digital graphics commonly seen on the web. Most people do not seem to know how to interpret the differences between the two formats and can’t figure out which format is suitable for what project. It is crucial to know the difference between the two file formats […]Read More

Graphics Design

Breaking Down the Principles of Design

In spite of a great deal of debate over the number of principles of design (and what they even are), there are 12 that appear regularly on the list of principles. This infographic offers a concise summary of the twelve Gestalt principles of design, including contrast, balance, emphasis, proportion, hierarchy, repetition, to create a design […]Read More

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The Power of Figma as a Design Tool

Figma is the better collaboration tool for teams compared to Sketch, as it is also a cloud-based design tool with similar capabilities and features. Let’s take a look at how Figma’s design process is easy to use and effective, compared to other programs that help designers and teams collaborate seamlessly. Figma is available on all […]Read More

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Top Logo Design Trends to Follow in 2021

When logos are designed based on branding design trends, they should accurately represent the brands they represent and not just arbitrary branding trends. This results in dated logos that lose their importance as logo design trends change. Although trends have an influence on logo design, they have no real impact. Trends encourage the logo design […]Read More

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Top Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

Digital Marketing is constantly analyzing past period changes and pointing out future trends. CoVID-19 has created the transformations for 2021 to cross this analysis. Digital Marketing was impacted in 2020 by the new coronavirus pandemic, which caused pain and loss, but also changed behaviors, technologies, and work styles. The social distance was changing people’s behavior, […]Read More

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10 Free PSD Web Design Templates

With so many excellent website templates available online these days – for free, no less! Our lives as web designers are a whole lot easier now. Photoshop is one of the most popular design tools for UX/UI designers. Developers are simply thrilled to share more PSD website templates with everyone. Besides designing your own designs, […]Read More

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Top 10 UI Trends to Follow in 2021

Every day, users visit tons of websites, so businesses have to show extra imagination to get them to pay attention. In order to keep customers on their website, entrepreneurs emphasize the visual appeal and usability of their solutions. In addition, they keep an eye on the newest UI trends in order to dominate the market. […]Read More


The Importance of Material Design

Design is one of the most important things in a product’s success. In the current world where digital brands rule, it has never been more emphasized for designers to prioritize the user interaction with the designs rather than the physical product itself. Therefore, as great design thinkers, we all should come to know about the […]Read More