Top Logo Design Trends to Follow in 2021

 Top Logo Design Trends to Follow in 2021

When logos are designed based on branding design trends, they should accurately represent the brands they represent and not just arbitrary branding trends. This results in dated logos that lose their importance as logo design trends change.

Although trends have an influence on logo design, they have no real impact. Trends encourage the logo design industry to develop and grow, underscoring the significance of innovations in logo design and helping businesses better serve their consumers.

Trends for 2020 logo design may still be popular in 2021 logo design. But, there are new trends emerging as we approach the new year, so you should stay up to date on them. This article might save you hours of browsing every logo design gallery online. Here are the logo design trends we think will be the best for logo design in 2021, as well as trends to avoid.

1)  Single-color and monochromatic palettes

In the logo landscape this year, monochromatic color palettes are expected to dominate. Monochromatic designs use different shades of one color, rather than multiple color schemes.

Logos created with a limited color palette rely heavily on line and form, which contribute greatly to creating a distinctive logo. This makes monochromatic and single-color logos extremely versatile since they can easily blend into almost any background without losing visual impact. A logo like this works well on social media. And any brand can embrace this logo design trend if the right color is chosen.

It has been discovered that logos with excessively simple designs can be made more captivating and memorable by the use of gradients and other colorful palettes. However, they don’t work until the distinctive color is removed. If the logo loses that, it becomes flat and nondescript. This makes sense to a certain extent because sometimes you need to set logos on bright colors and busy backgrounds.

Several well-known companies rebranded over the last year – simplifying their logo’s color palettes from multi-hued to monochromatic. This ongoing trend is projected to continue into 2021.

2) 3D Gradients

The year 2021 will be an exciting time for the 3D design world. Your logo should reflect the depth of your company, so add shadows, highlights, as well as shading in order to add more interest. If you have a logo, they will transform your design into a cutting-edge and modern one without losing the essence of your brand.

 Looking for a completely new design? This logo design trend is very creative and easily applied to any brand. There are so many logo designs, so much variety.

3) Logos in Ink Style

We are sure that Ink Style logo designs will catch on, as the intricate and detailed illustrations, from the hatched lines, or signatures, to the graphic images or almost graphic renderings, make you wonder, inspire, and be awed.

 The Ink style of logos, in particular, has the advantages of both being hand-drawn and highly focused on detail and quality. Those are unbeatable qualities, and I believe they are what sets this company apart. Classy and eye-catching logos, this collection of fine logos is sure to get your attention.

4) Creative Lettering

It is essential to choose the right font when it comes to communicating a personal brand or business identity, which is why our Envato designers constantly monitor the latest logo lettering trends. 

During the last decade, we’ve seen the trend of minimalism take root in our daily lives, with brands the world over doing their part to help us have less clutter. They achieve just that, making them a perfect choice for a modern, socially-oriented company or individual.

5) Wordmark Logo Design

A wordmark is a design concept that uses your brand name in the logo only but uses a custom font design. The font design trend is big news and pushing the envelope. Combining your branding with this design concept is going to be a logo design trend that you will see repeated again and again in 2021. 

It can be used anywhere and on anything in an incredibly easy manner and is remarkably recognizable. A well-designed wordmark gets the job done confidently and succinctly. Not to mention dripping with cool, doing the job proficiently is one thing, doing it while looking impeccable is even better. 

6) Thin lines in geometry

There is no end to the minimalist trend. It is not going anywhere yet. It will have an even greater effect in the near future. However, it will display itself differently in 2021, with more focus on linear lines and shapes.

Newly thin lines will gain popularity. Firstly, they appear more stylish and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they more effectively catch the viewer’s eye. Additionally, it creates a positive impression and the logo is easier to remember. That’s exactly what the logo demands.

The bolder the line, the easier to see it is. However, a thin line stands out for its ability to create the smooth and cohesive individuality of the brand.

7) Symbolic shapes and icons

Designing with symbolism is actually quite a new trend. In 2021, however, the trend is still likely to become more popular and the symbols will become more prominent. Big brands like Nike, Apple, and Starbucks have been using them for decades.

Successful brands use symbols to differentiate themselves from one another. They also use symbols to indicate why they can offer a particular product or service.

To reflect some aspects of a company, you can combine elements of symbolism and iconography into your logo. There are many logo designs that reflect the nature of a company by using imagery.

8) Black & White Logo Design

It’s timeless. The classic black & white design looks good forever and there is really no reason to change it. You don’t change strategy if you keep putting up winners which means that you won’t be trying any new things in your 2021 logo design. Modern 3D effects and animation give a good boost to modern logo design in the age of minimal fuss/maximum impact.  

9) Hand Drawn Logos

Handwriting has become an acceptable way of showing authenticity in a time when brands are seeking to get back to their roots. There is a growing trend of using organic graphics in graphic design at the moment – wildflower template with 18 logo designs, 18 watercolor elements, and a fully editable file. You’ll fall in love with the intricate blooms and berries in this wonderful wildflower template.

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