How to present a Logo to Clients

Designing a logo is only half the battle. The other half is convincing your client that your design is the best possible option for their company. This can be difficult to do if you’re not communicating effectively with your client about your design choices. Unfortunately, this communication breakdown is a common issue faced by graphic designers, and it often leads to more confusion and redesigning efforts than necessary. How to prepare a Logo proposal presentation?

Clients can usually only respond with a clear yes or no about a logo, but they’re not in a position to explain what’s wrong with a logo or what its best features are. Logos are created to serve businesses, but it’s the designers who really understand which logos are successful in conveying a company’s brand message.

 It is essential that the designer makes the client see the usefulness of the logo design in terms of helping to build a strong brand identity for the business. A logo designer’s job is not only to create a logo that they are satisfied with but also to explain to the client why that symbol is appropriate for the company.

What are the benefits of presenting logos?

  • Presenting your logo designs to a client gives you the opportunity to showcase not just your creativity, but also the logic and insights that drove your design decisions.
  •  This can be beneficial for educating the client on what goes into making a good logo, while also helping to build rapport and reassure them that the concepts are not random or based solely on your subjective preferences. 
  • By presenting the concepts in the order and manner of your choosing, you can further control the client’s perception of the designs.
  • When you’re presenting your designs to a client or your team, it’s important to be able to do so in a way that makes sense to you and defend your choices if needed. 
  • Being able to show the concepts in the order and manner of your choice allows you to gauge people’s reactions and get feedback in real-time, so you can make adjustments on the fly if necessary.

Presenting The Logos

The first thing stop showing a pdf to my clients.

I took on a more active role. What I do is, I prepare a Keynote presentation, get on a Zoom meeting with my client and show him the design that I have prepared. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Start Your Speech

What fires up my keynote? Well, I start with a short description recalling the initial idea that we both had come up with. It helps my clients remember the strategy we discussed earlier in the process. This avoids any confusion as to why certain decisions were made. I also include a slide with the Inspiration board which helps them to get into the “mood” that was created.

Explain Your Inspiration

Start explaining how the design came to your mind. Let’s ask yourselves, “What was your inspiration for the task?”. Try to explain I impressive what inspires you. Finally, describe the process of my arriving at the final design.

Bring Out The Colors

I reveal the logo with colors. It can be done using a single slide with nothing but the logo alone. Also, suggest two or three colors in case if the client doesn’t like your color. Having color suggestions makes you safe.

Put Your Logos Into Perspective

Now it is the time to show your client what the design looks like in a real-world scenario. You present it using mockups and contextual scenes. Making them realize how it looks and where they are likely to use them is the goal. Social media profiles, business cards, envelopes, websites, and packaging are usually a good start.

You present the mockups because just the logo is not enough. They are not mind-readers. They must know that the logo that you’ve built would work for them no matter how good it looks alone. It’s about bridging the gap between the designer’s vision and the client’s imagination.

If possible, you can also mock up the logos in larger scenarios like billboards, the side of the buildings, and so on. This is really exciting for them to see how well the designs hold up in these scenarios!

Explain Why You Chose The Colors

If you choose the colors all by yourself, this is the step where you explain why you chose them. You must explain why these colors suit your client’s brand the most.

Pro Tip:  Give the colors their own unique names. Try to make up these names from the brand terms of your client so it is easier for him to remember.

Use The Logo In Your Client’s Products

Now, You can show the logo being used with products of the brand, or web pages if they have any. This step depends on the brand and industry. These are not necessarily mockups.

You can call it a logo overlay on the brand’s images. A watermark might work well here.

Wrap Up

A logo can be a very important part of your business’s presence. It is the first impression that many customers get of your company and if it is done well. With a very important aspect of designing a logo, the presentation, there are several ways you can approach presenting your logo to your clients. Get a little bit of inspiration on how you can present your logo to your clients in a way that helps your business succeed.

It can help to build brand recognition for your business for years to come. We hope you enjoyed this blog on how to present logo design, and if you are interested in a logo for your business, consider working according to our suggestions.


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